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Monday, May 11, 2009


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This is a sock I designed several years ago and for some reason, never made public. It is a really quick and easy sock to knit. Don't know why it has sit, languishing away in my "to be tested" file. Have tweeked it and tried new things with it and come back to the original pattern time and time again. The yarn used is Briggs and Little Tuffy. Not a soft yarn, but one that holds up well to abuse. I have worn and washed the pair pictured numerous times and they still look great. Made a pair with Cascade 220 as well. Although much softer, they didn't last the way these have. I know, Cascade 220 isn't a sock yarn, has no nylon in it and felts easily. Webbs carries a yarn called Yarn for Sox that has the same qualities as the Tuffy. Same manufacturer? Anyway, I would like to get these tested if anyone out there has access to the required yarn and doesn't mind a heavy...I mean really heavy, scratchy wool sock. I certainly love mine and the name is so appropriate. Heavy, rugged, wear 'em with boots, yet femine sock. Leave me a comment if you want to give them a try!Tomboy


Becca said...

I like them socks!

Sigrun said...

If you're not in a hurry--i have those wedding alterations to finish this week, I have the yarn at home. You know where to reach me.