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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Am Not Worthy!

I am not worthy.
Yes, that is right.
The knitting Goddess told me so.
I cast an aspersion upon her yesterday because of her mean sense of humor over a friends sweater.
Yes, I did.
Now she is angry and getting even.
The beautiful bit of work that was resurrected yesterday.
Beautiful knitting on my part.
Nothing wrong there.
It is the yarn.
Why did I not double check the yardage on the cone?
Why did Brown Sheep discontinue the color?
Not only do I not have enough yarn,
I can't get any more either!
Poor Maidenhair.
A victim of the whims of a fickle Goddess.
She must have known,
years ago,
when I started the sweater,
that this would happen.
I am not worthy!
Don't mess with the Knitting Goddess!


LenaL said...

Don't worry, the Goodess is just doing her yearly testing!

If you don't let this stop you from keeping on knitting, She will give you all the support you need for the comming six months. Then She will begin to test you again, first with very small and easy things, then harder and harder for the next six months, till a year has gone from now. Then comes the final test for that year, and so on ...

Keep on knitting in a good mood, to please the Goodess!

Mountain Mama said...

I find a well-planned Goddess smackdown is good for my ego.

Still sucks though. I feel for you.