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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cascade Cash Vero

I am currently knitting samples for the new store.

Sample garments sell patterns - of which I don't carry many because of Ravelry being so rich with free ones.  I am knitting up a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts for a future class.  And let me tell you, they are so soft that they may not make it to the sample display!

But, sample garments also sell yarn.  And the yarn I am using now is like knitting with butter!  It is Cascade's Cash Vero DK.  I have to say it is similar to Debbie Bliss CashMerino in that it has just a small amount of Cashmere.  But oh does that Cashmere pack a punch!

Cascade's blend is 55% Extra Fine Merino, which gives the yarn a wonderful elasticity and makes it behave as a good wool should.  Then they added 33% microfiber acrylic to the blend which gives the yarn a nice handle and added sturdiness.  Add 12% cashmere to the mix and you have knitting heaven!

I don't know how it washes up yet.  But I can tell you it is truly a dream to knit with. The mitts slide on and off so easily.  They are so warm and so soft that I want a pair in every color!  And there are many to choose from.  Currently I have given this yarn top place in my baby yarns.  I carry the soft baby colors of pink, blue, mint green and white, along with black, wine and gray.  As the cash flow pick up I hope to bring in more colors.

If you have never tried a cashmere blend yarn before I would highly recommend this as a starting point in your fiber exploration.  It is easy to knit with, relatively affordable at under $9 a ball, and so soft that you will want to spoil yourself and knit up something to keep!  Head to your LYS as soon as you can and give it a touch and a fondle.  If you don't have it locally, give me a holler - here, on Ravelry, or Facebook and we can get you taken care of.  You have to try this yarn!!!!

I give it a Blue Yarn Ball!

+It is soft to the touch
+It is easy to knit with and doesn't have a tendency to split
+It show great stitch definition
+Is relatively affordable
-Only has 125 yards per ball.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Much To Say!

After a couple of months...who am I kidding...after a summer off from blogging I realized too much has happened and there is too much to say to leave the doors closed any longer.  So here I am, dusting off the bookshelves so to speak and sticking my toe into the blogging waters once again.  (How do you like those mixed metaphors?)

It was a busy summer.

The beginning of June saw the Boyfriend and I taking our first "couples" vacation in over 20 years!  We drove down to the D.C. area to visit our mutual and much loved friend Becca.  She gave us a whirlwind tour of the monuments and the city.  We stayed at her home and branched out from there.  It was only 3 days, but it was 3 days that changed my life.

As a result of our visit I went back to work.  Not just any work mind you.  With a bit of prodding from Becca and the support of the BF, I am now the proud owner of a small yarn shop in Clinton, NY.  I. Love. It!

Shortly before the shop opened I was in a bicycling accident and broke my shoulder and my wrist.  That was a minor set-back, let me tell you.  Talk about crazy!  Still, almost 3 months later, it is still painful.

But the shop is now open and an internet store is under construction.  This minor change in my life has lent new focus to this blog and will undoubtedly give me so many more things to chatter on about.  Yarn, knitting techniques, knitting groups, new will all find a place here.

Hope to see most of my old friends find there way back here and hope many more stop in.  I am glad to be back!!!