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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jack and the Tale of Errant Yarn

Jack in the Cupboard
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Mom's been knitting again. When she does that, I have to hide. Hide and make my attack from a hidden location. If she sees me, the yarn, the slinky, slippery, jumpy yarn gets hidden. So here I sit, awaiting the opportune moment. The moment that the yarn isn't aware of me, the Captain of Jack, the attack trained kitty. That is the moment I shall POUNCE! Capture the errant stringy stuff and bring it back to my kitty lair for later consumption.

Oh, Hairballs! She put it away!!!!
Prototype Sock
This yarn has been driving me crazy. It changes colors! Does it change flavor as well? She sez it is the leg of a sock and won't let me test it on my head. Every time I even touch it with my paw, she sez "No, Jack!" no jack no jack no jack... And then, Sock Needs A Nameto make matters worse! It grew into a long tube thing with a sharp turn and a dead end! What is up with that?
If that isn't enough, she has this long thing...sheJeff's Dark Mark calls it a scarf. I call it a long thing, that is hiding a scary face! She sez it is for Hijo Segundo, whoever that is. All I can say is I am a skeart of it.
I overheard her say that if I, the Captain of Jack, are not careful, she will make one for me! Think I will stay in hiding.
Jack the man.
That's all, you can go away now.
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