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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fickle Little Muse

I have not been able to come up with a design in so long that I had just about given up.
My muse up and left.
My muse got tired.
After a whiz bang sweater
she decided I didn't need any help for a while.
I tried on my own but couldn't even come up with a decent pair of socks!
I begged her forgiveness.
I grovelled at her feet.
I cried in the night...
but she didn't return.
No, she didn't return
until last Friday morning at about 1 a.m.
Damned muse!
Kept me up all night!
She gave me not 1
Not 2
But 3 ideas!
Albeit sock ideas.
But IDEAS nonetheless.
And along with the ideas
she gave me mental images
of the sort I haven't had since the whiz bang sweater!
I could see them.
They wouldn't let me sleep!
I had to get out of bed and begin writing them down.
I mean, after all,
what the Muse giveth
the Muse can taketh away!
One of the ideas is a boot sock using a sport weight yarn.
It is (and this is where I give Muse credit for an extra idea)
in 3 sizes!
It is unisex!
It works up quickly!
It is worth 2 points for the Muse.
Maybe 3.
The other one is a toe up confection that came from my new love of fiddle head ferns.
Haven't gotten that one beyond jotting down the idea and a very poorly drawn sketch.
(My Muse doesn't help with the drawing aspect)
I danced the dance of joy.
I wept.
I...maybe I am getting carried away.
My Muse returned for a little tête-à-tête.
Fickle little Muse.


Anne said...

It's interesting that you get more than one idea at a time....I do that many ideas and sometimes I forget them before I write them down LOL!!!

Daisy loves to walk in the woods.....we have part of the Bruce Trail just across the road from us -- we drive down to the park, leave the car there and go for our walk!

Sigrun said...

I don't know if the respone "hilarious" is appropriate for something as creative as poetry--but that was my first response. I think the muse will be honored by the poem.

Gina said...

Why are you complaining, though? Granted, having sleep interrupted due to the throes of creativity isn't the most pleasant way to wake up, but it's also not the worst. Besides, at least you know the Muse hasn't abandoned you. She was just on vacay!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Sounds like a productive (and restless) night!

I'm anxious to see the results of your Fiddlehead fern inspiration!

Becca said...

I wish my Muse would return .... I am jealous! And I can't wait to see the socks! Especially boot socks! My favorite things - boots and socks.....

LenaL said...

Three ideas in one night, it isn't bad! I really looks forward to hear and see more about all three of them.

See you here soon again,take good care of yourself!