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Monday, May 11, 2009

Call Me Cranky!

My knitting hates me.
It has for so long that I think I should just quit!
I work a cable.
It isn't even.
I do a bit of lace.
The yarn overs are different sizes.
My Fair Isle of late?
And, to pour salt into the knitting wound,
Oblique is being rather obtuse.
I know I measured.
I know my gauge was spot on.
I know I measured from the same place on each sleeve.
Why then is one sleeve 3 inched longer than the other?
What is going on?
Did I offend the knitting Gods and Goddesses?
The scissors are sitting next to it.
Awaiting my command.
Cut the F.....!
I Hate This Sweater!
Maybe not.
Just call me Cranky.


Carrie K said...

Hi Cranky. Don't feel alone, the mitering corner is stumping me. Well, it would be, if I was paying any attn to it.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

I have a special container of "medication" for days like that. It contains bite size (well, maybe 2 bites hehe) dark chocolate pieces ;-)

You're still the most creative, most talented knitter I know!

Brigitte said...

But if we didn't have these bouts of crappy knitting, how would we ever appreciate how good our good stuff does come out!?

Lorraine said...

Bev- It's temporary. When this happens to me, I put my knitting away and work on a quilt or a needlepoint. Sometimes I even just read a book.