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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sounds of Silence

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My morning routine has settled in along with spring.
Coffee, in the form of an iced mocha or hot, depending on the weather,
Jammies still on,
Boy-o off to school or in bed of a Saturday morning,
Me time.

The back porch beckons.
It beckons daily.
This morning was no exception...

As I sit on my back porch enjoying my morning coffee and relative silence, I realize that the silence is not quiet.
Aside from the cars traveling past, an annoyance at best, are the birds.

They are raucous in their joy of the morning.
The songs they sing a harmonious tune to the rising sun.

A lone red-winged black bird sits in the middle of the expanse of lawn, looking for his sheltering grasses. "They are down the hill at the pond," I say more to myself than to him.

A brave chickadee sits quietly on my porch rail as if to give me company.
So brave.

A robin joins the blackbird as a raven sends his boisterous call into the beyond.

A pair of doves, cooing at their approach, land beneath the feeding station to clean up after the rest of the diners above them.

A pair of bright, yet diminutive gold finches exchange seeds in a lover's ritual. He must have dropped his as she is now scolding him severely.

Ernie and Earl, the resident chipmunks get into an argument over the pumpkin seeds in the ground feeder.
Earl wins the disagreement as Ernie runs off, squeaking his departing threats.

A nuthatch, living in his upside down world, watches the encounter before resuming his downward path on the old maple tree, disgruntled chipping sounds aimed at Earl.

A fat squirrel, larger than Earl by at least 100 chipmunk lbs, joins Earl and dares him to pick a fight. Earl slinks off to bully the more easily frightened doves as another squirrel attempts to approach the ground feeder.
No luck.
Mondo, mega squirrel, the titanic, the gargantuan, looked at the interloper.
That is all.
So long.

So much noise.
So much activity.
I think I am tired now.


Sigrun said...

Really nice!! I mean REALLY NICE!! i could use some moments like that. I'm complaining because I can't get my transplanting finished, because I'm being interrupted by customers (that's being between a rock and a hard place). So he says I'll have to go out earlier so I can get more done while it's slow (we get busy around noon). I guess he's right, but I like my slow coffe, a couple of sudokus, and another slow coffee...just a little peek at the blogs...

Becca said...

My grandmother used to tell me, "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses....". I thought that was weird. How could I possibly forget?! If anything, she should have reminded me to stop smelling the damn flowers and get some work done! Ha! I love mornings like the one you described. I love the noisey creatures who share our space. I love the incredible colors of spring and nature. Even in the saddest of times, the overwhelming beauty of nature soothes our souls.....
Happy Mother's Day to you, my dear friend!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

What a great post! was smiling all the way through it, and am still smiling now. Thank you!

Hope you're having the best Mother's Day ever!