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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Damage Pic

NY Spring 092
Originally uploaded by emmasdaughter

Here is a shot taken by the Boyfriend from directly beneath the damage. I was too afraid to straddle the tree to get a shot like this as the other half of the tree is still whipping around in the wind!

NY Spring 090


Carrie K said...


Sigrun said...

So sorry--but at least the insurance Co. will pick up the pieces. Will they cover poor Jezzie's therapy?

LenaL said...

Oh dear!!! That must have been a storm!

I really hope the house will be as good as new very soon and without too much trouble for you.

Lupie said...

Love your blog and will visit and comment often.
Sorry about your house but not one was hurt and the house can be fixed.
This happened to us a few years back and it felt like the house was under attack.

Mountain Mama said...


We secretly cut down a negligent neighbor's snag (their house was in foreclosure) when I was preggers because I knew it would fall right on the baby's room. Never did regret that--we had a horrible windstorm six months later.

I'm very glad no one was hurt. And now you have a conversation opener if you're ever at a boring party.

Amanda said...

Oh that is too close for comfort. Hope all gets fixed soon. Like your blog and will come and visit (and comment!) again.

Restless Knitter said...

Eek, poor house. Did it cause any damage to the interior?

cubedog said...

Poor widdle house. I was sooooo grateful that Ike didn't slam anything into our place-there's so much potential material out there too.
I hope the interior is well and that you insurance doesn't try to screw you over.
Stay well, my friend, stay well...

Brigitte said...

Oh no! I'm so glad everyone was OK though, I hope Jezzie's feeling a bit more relaxed too.

Looks like part of the tree is still healthy though?