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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Victories

Last fall I whined and moaned about my Dr.'s request that I go on a diet and stop with the sweets.  The diet she suggested was a Mediterranean, not difficult - actually rather fun.  The sweets were difficult.  I am of the opinion that humans are genetically wired to eat sweets until they explode, thereby decreasing the surplus population.
The weight loss seemed to be non-existent.  In fact, my scale was really stubborn about allowing itself to decrease in the numbers shown. 
What was going on?  I analyzed my food intake.  I looked through a microscope at the ingredients on my food purchases.  Any more than 4 ingredients (sometimes 5) and it didn’t make the cut in my hunter-gatherer expeditions to the grocers.  I shopped the outside isles of the store, rarely venturing into the center isles.  My vegies were fresh; my meats organic.  What was going on?
Then, one morning a few days ago, after looking at the stingy movement of the scale, I got dressed.   I looked in the mirror.  Now, this is something I avoid for the most part.  Mirrors and I don’t get along.  But this time, as I gazed at my reflection, I noticed that my clothes didn’t fit quite right.  The jeans were baggy in the butt.  They required a couple extra notches taken in with the belt in order to stay up.  My shirt was lacking that little bit of padding around the mid section. 
Had to be my imagination.
Later that day I went out to purchase a bit of new bedding and decided to get a pair of jeans as I had worn out a pair earlier in the month.  I grabbed my favorite brand in my “size” and tried them on.   Low and behold!  The mirror in the store revealed the same poor fit.  The sales woman ran, giggling, to grab a size smaller. 
A. Size. Smaller!
It took months.  Lots of months.  My weight is almost the same.  But, I am a size smaller than when this little ordeal began! 
Small Victories.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knitting Away the Hours

Knitting has been an on-going thing – still one of my favorite activities.  I have joined quite a few groups this year and am feeling as though too much has been bitten off.  But, I won’t drop out and I won’t stop.
My only independent project is Crocus Pocus.  003 It is coming along fine.  Had to frog it a couple of times.  First because I didn’t read the pattern correctly.  (A procrastination problem, as in – why read the directions now?  It can always be done when I need help.)  The next time was when I made an error in chart 2 and tried to tink back.  The lace ended up all discombobulated and I had to frog.  (again a procrastination thing - “Why put a lifeline in?  I can do that if the going get rough.”)  But, once I read the directions and put in the trusty life line, things began moving right along.
Then, the KAL projects are really moving!  First, the Basque hat 021 that I cast on for the Knit a Norwegian KAL was started the 1st of January and finished a few days later!  It was promptly taken by Hija Primera and, frankly, looks really cute on her.
Another KAL, the Smart Assed Yarn Ho’s Sock a month KAL started out the year knitting Thuja.  001 I made this one in Knit Picks Stroll, for Hijo Primero.  He says they are a bit too warm!
Then, there is the SSYC KAL.  It didn’t start until February 1.  I cast on to knit a pair of socks for the Boyfriend.  002 For these I am using Opal Rainforest, 6 ply sport.  They should work up quickly.
Then, for the February Smart Ass KAL, I am re-working an older pattern of mine – previously seen at Knit Picks as the Twisted Sock.  It is getting a re-write and a new, more imaginative name. 001 It, too, is knit with Opal Rainforest, 6 ply, sport. 
Love that yarn! It is smooshy, soft when washed, wears well, and comes in myriad colors!  What is not to like?  You can find it at SSYC.  All my favorite sock yarns come from Allison!
The next KAL hasn’t started yet.  This one, I am sure is going to be the end of me.  It is the Evenstar KAL, knitting a shawl designed by Susan Pandorf, inspired by the pendant worn by Arwyn in the Lord of the Rings.  I have the yarn and the desire.  But, the time?  We shall see.
On top of all that, there are the 2009 projects screaming for completion.  And a new project on the way from the cyber LYS – a cardigan to add to my Norwegian KAL.  Will it all get done?  Heck, maybe.