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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Catty Muse

Sometime an inspiration strikes.  You don’t always know where it comes from or why it strikes at that particular moment.  It could be the way your brain synapses fire, it could be a color or combination of patterns, or it could simply be your muse found you.  But, whatever the cause, an artist is always glad when it does strike. 
My muse deserted me for years; I mean years!  I would get ideas, but they wouldn’t make it from my head to my hands.  Something stopped the process and I would go find an already written pattern and be happy.
Then, one day last week, my muse not only struck, but whapped me upside the head!  “Bev,” said the annoying little being, “You are such a Catty Bitch!”  And there it was!  A thought.  An idea.  Something I could get behind – cuz let’s face it, my muse was spot on with the evaluation.
I went looking through my color palette of  yarns.  Blue?  Nah – too calm.  Tossed it aside.  Yellow?  Hmmm…Overdone.  Threw it back on the shelf.  Orange?  Hey – it’s a Catty Bitch, not a fruit drink!  Again, to the floor.  Brown?  Could be a good start, we all know what brown is.  Then to put some other colors with it.  Heathers for the times we want a little cloudiness and subtlety to soften our edges.  Rust to calm the brown in our lives.  And green!  Green for no particular reason other than it was incongruent with the background color.  Sounds good to me.
Then, needles in hand, I preceded to listen to my muse.  Make it curl!  Throw a few bumps in there.  Braid a bit.  Make it sassy!  I laughed to myself as I knit.  I threw myself into the project with a vim and vigor that hadn’t been mine in so long.  It was fun and people wondered who the crazy person was, sitting in the corner laughing hysterically.  They were afraid to come close for fear of a needle in the eye.  And, yes, I had many – 5 to be exact.
A few hours later what lay before me was worthy of all the laughter and fear that that laughter had evoked.  What lay before me was worthy of  the long desertion by my muse.  What lay before me was…
Catty Bitch Mitts!
Catty Bitch Mitts
And they are now available on Ravelry.  If you aren't on Ravely, you can get a PDF copy if you ask nice.   Have a blast making yourself or for some dearly beloved Catty Bitch of your own.