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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Random Babble

Today will be spent cleaning the upstairs of the house. A blind eye was turned to so much over the holidays.
Time to catch up.

Later, pictures of the knitting will be taken and posted. Yes, I still knit! Craziness. I had intended to give all of my offspring a hand knit item this year. Only made it through two of them, Hijo Primero (DS1) and Hija Segunda (DD2).

The girl child, who is no longer a child, got a variation of the February Lady Sweater
by the author of Flint Knits blog. Her version is adorable and made by scads of knitters! It is truly a fad knit.

My version is slightly different.
Rather than garter stitch, I did stockinette with a rolled collar, cuffs and hem. Then it was adorned with shell buttons. The Hija loved it! At least she said she did.

The second completed Christmas knit was a pair of Chevalier Mittens for Hijo Primero. This awesome design was done by the author of MadeByMyself blog. Her stuff is amazing! A really talented designer.
Anyway, you saw her version, well, here is mine.

You can't see the detail due to the lighting and the fact that they were on the floor and not on a pair of hands. But, trust me, the boy loved them (again at his word). They were fun to knit as well. A bit of a challenge and quick...Gotta love it.

What did I not finish?
Hijo Segundo was going to get an Amra'n Gra' sweater.

But, shortly before Chrismas he informed me that he wasn't a "big fan" of sweaters and would rather get a scarf or socks or mittens. Go figure! Anyway, that put a damper on my knitting and it all came to a snail's pace.
Another unfinished item is the Oblique sweater by Veronik Avery. This one is destined for Hija Primera. I suppose it is alright to say that, knowing she come here to check up on her Madre. After all, the holiday is over and she may as well know that I was thinking of her!

Before the day is over I will get pictures of the 2 UFOs so my shame at not completing my Christmas knitting will be public.


Gina said...

And here was me thinking you had forgotten about me! Yay, proof that I am loved! Or at least remembered enough to make me THINK I'm loved. Either way, I'll take it!

NeedleDancer said...

The mittens are glorious!
One more thing for the queue.
(would you stop that?). You could, maybe, finish Mermaid so you would stop tempting me so much....

Laurie said...

All that good knitting for the kids! Gina gets best for last.

CatR said...

Am still doing battle with the supposedly quick Xmas socks, so don't feel lonely in your UFO shame!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

You do such beautiful work. The mittens are beautiful, and I like your take on the sweater.

Again, you inspire me. Thanks to your encouragement in the past, as well as my need to come up with a requested gift for my stepfather, I plan to pick up my first set (or 3, or...LOL) of DPNs this week. Wish me luck!