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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another New Blog

Sometimes we feel the need to clean house. Sometimes we feel the need to wash clothes. Sometimes we feel the need to move blogs.
I am feeling the need to move!

Hope the learning curve on this one is a bit easier. And, I was going to clean up the old blog anyway. May as well start a new, fresh one and let the other one die a natural death.

Why move? Sometimes you just have to. Sometimes life has a way of hinting that it needs to be done. If you don't listen, life has a way of slapping you up-side the head to get your attention. Got my slap, time to move.

I have seen some nice blogs done on eblogger. May as well give it a try. And, it is free! Let's call this a move of economics. In these trying times we need to save every penny we can. Why not save on the blog?

Tomorrow, after all the household responsibilities are taken care of, I will begin the process of moving.
How about a housewarming gift!
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