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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Entertaining Santa

It looks as though Santa thought I was a fairly good girl this past year. In truth, I thought I was going to be getting a lump of coal, or a box of rocks. But, this was not to be so. Santa thought my naughty antics entertaining enough to reward me for my acting ability.

First, Santa knew that my old phone was difficult to use for text messaging. And, because the youngest son won't answer his phone but will check messages, I do lots of texting. Shortly before Christmas my phone mysteriously went dead. As in, no phone in, no phone out, no existing service, why don't you give up and not use this phone. It drove me nuts! The Santa delivery elf, taking pity upon me and my dilemma, left an early gift on my pillow one morning before I woke up.

I was amazed and surprised at the thoughtfulness of the little delivery elf to be so efficient and arrive so early to take care of my needs. What a sweet and thoughtful little worker bee.

Texting all of my friends and family became my pastime for the next few hours. It was so easy and texting became a breeze! I love my new LG EnV.

Then, on Christmas day, there was a small envelope cradled in the branches of the Christmas tree. That envelope had my name on it. What could it be? A million dollars? No, that would take more than a small envelope. Hmmm...Could it be an airline ticket to my dream vacation? Nope, Santa knows I don't like to fly. Just what could be in that little envelope. Well, it was a note, directing me to go down the the local ski shop at my earliest convenience.

Upon my arrival I was fitted for these!

Then, the man brought out these!

Can I just say WHOOT! Cross country skiing was one of my favorite things to do before moving to a climate too warm for the activity, then moving to a climate that was too harsh for the activity. Now, like the baby bear, this climate is "just right". Can't wait for the next snow storm to bring the white stuff back and give me a new layer of powder to break in my ski legs. Then, it is off to the trails. I want to do a bit of exploring on the old canal paths. Yes, pictures are promised along with a description of the trail and the sites along said path. Can't Wait!!!!!

Oh, have I mentioned that Santa thought I was rather entertaining this year?


Anne said...

Santa was very good to must have been a VERY GOOD girl this year! I love x-country skiing too! All of our snow has melted -- I hope we get some more soon so that I can get out there!

Strange said...

Awesome! You will love your new phone! It's da biz-amm! Lol Now go play with your other presents.

Laurie said...

NICE skis. ANd the phone isn't shabby, either.

miyamojo said...

It's great that Santa understands you Bev! ;) Excellent gifts - useful & cool! Looking forward to photos of the trail.