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Saturday, December 20, 2008

After the Storm

After the storm our ancient maple had more snow around the base. The snow blower added another layer of snow at the 3 foot level and extending about 2 feet up - that means the top of the blow snow is about 5 feet up. We now have a good 18 inches or so on the ground.

And - Another storm hits tomorrow! It should bring us another 6 to 9 inches. Get ready for another "after" pic.

The snow that we have received so far this year have been so different from the Wyoming snows. Here the snow seems to be falling like a whisper. Gentle, soft, powdery upon landing. The Wyoming snows always seemed harsh; angry, blowing, slapping your face when you ventured out.

The snow here makes me yearn to ski, to snow shoe, to make a snowman. The snow there made me want to sit at my window and watch as the pasture fence came into and went out of view.

I do believe I prefer the New York snow. It stays where you put it!


Becca said...

It looks beautiful! I would be thrilled to have a white Christmas, but the meaty urologist doesn't seem to think that is going to happen for us!

Brigitte said...

Oh yeah. Snow here around the Great Lakes is just...peachy. Oh, I'm kidding, I love it too! As long as I don't have to venture too far.


Lorraine said...

Bev- It can get nasty. This is the pre-Christmas stuff.

Strange said...

Aww, cool. I wish I was there. We have spring-like weather right now. It's freakin' weird.