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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Economic Times

Don't we all wish that prices were lower? It seems as though my dollar is transparent. You can only stretch those bad boys so much and they begin to disintegrate. The holiday season brings the economic situation into focus - sharp focus, with a macro lens! No matter where you go, prices are insane. What's a shopper to do?

Well, I for one, refuse to shop for Christmas gifts. For the past couple of years we, or rather I, have done minimal shopping. Rather, I get a gift card with the amount of money that was budgeted for that person's gifts and they get to shop the Christmas sales. Mind you, that is only for immediate family. Others may not understand my abhorence for holiday shopping and the crowds. And, rather than a purchased gift to place under the tree, there is a handmade item. The handmade items are my way of showing or demonstrating how much that person means to me. The time and effort put into the gift, usually a knitted sweater, socks, gloves, etc., is much more meaningful than throwing money on a counter in exchange for an item the person may or may not use.

I know, a handmade gift isn't always looked upon as a "gift" and you can't take it back or return it; but with a handmade gift, you know the person was thinking of you when they made it. And, isn't it the thought that counts? That is what I was always told.

Don't we all wish prices were lower? I know I do. As a result, I lowered the prices on all my Payloadz patterns. Won't have an impact on the economy, but it sure makes me feel better.

Happy Holidays!
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