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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Missing Muse

Where has my muse gone? It has been so long since I have designed anything that I am beginning to think it was only a dream. Ideas are there. But, those ideas don't transfer from my brain to the needles.

I started a shawl. It was looking very nice. But, I got to a point that it became boring. Mundane. Just like every other shawl out there.

I started a pair of socks. Same thing. Just like all the rest.

A sweater? Fergit aboudit!

I have come to the conclusion that there are so many fine patterns and so many wonderful artists out their that I can spend the rest of my knitting life working their things. Is this a cop-out? Could be. But, if it is, then at least I can bury my escapist head in a pile of yarn and keep busy with someone else's labors.

After all, there is a grandchild on the way... Said grandchild won't wait to grow while Granny Me visualizes a cute, adorable little sweater set, contemplates the best yarn for the project and figures out how to get the cables just right. Granny Me can just hit up Drops or Knitty or Ravelry or even..cough...purchase a pattern. So much time saved. So many more little things that can be knit before the child outgrows them.

Sweaters for the fam? So much yarn and so little time. Don't have any to waste with the same, aforementioned little designing problems.

In the end. I am taking the pressure off and not even going to delve into that area until such time as my muse returns; if ever.


Restless Knitter said...

Congrats! When's the grandchild due?

LenaL said...

How lovely with a grand child! Will it be your first? I'm just expecting my second, can't believe it :-))) But I have promissed to not knit as much as I did for the first one, they have still loads of things they never had time to use before they became too small. But there are some lovely things to do for the mom with a growing belly, wrap cardigans for instans.

You are so right, there are billions of lovely patterns out there! That Jelly Bean Suit is just wonderful.

Take good care!

Strange said...

I think every artist hits this. I know I do. I've been uninspired for so long in the area of my illustrations that it's actually taken "divine inspiration" to get me rolling again. I have faith in you. You're a true artist, so the Muses will float back again someday when they're done inspiring some bard or the next Da Vinci. Lol