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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Almost Finished Room!

Last weekend, amidst the gardening, outdoor play and general weekend frivolity, the dining room was painted and the furniture moved in.

It is done, or close enough that I can show it to you.

Just to refresh your memory, the above pics are the "before" shots of the room. Pretty bad, right?

We spent months tearing out the old wall paper. It go to be a regular part of the entertainment we provided to guests. They loved it! (sure they did) It did become a game though. If someone saw a corner of the paper lifting up, they would walk by and pull it. At first I would express my disapproval and try to discourage said behaviour. But, after a while, there were so many strips of wall paper missing and so many loosened corners that I gave up. Made my life so much easier when I just joined in the game.

Over the holidays, my kids paid a visit from out west and they joined in the game as well. After Thanksgiving there was so much wall paper scattered about the floor that Jack had his own practice hunting grounds. He would hide beneath the paper and await the next unsuspecting dog or human with bare feet to wade through. Occasionally his patience would pay off with a yelp from Jezz or a screech from me.

I digress. This is supposed to be about the finished room.

And, I present....drum roll please...
This picture is looking toward the pocket doors and into the front parlor
The top "before" picture shows the corner of the front room with the pocket doors. (just for perspective, k?) The desk in the front is my little secretarial that my son is using for his computer because we kicked him out of the next blitz attack room. Won't be staying. But, all that aside, it is sitting in the location of the corner unit that the Boyfriend won't allow me to bring back into the room. Sadness on my part.

The above pic is the same view as the second picture above, minus the 1960s re-muddle "tried to make a built in cupboard" monstrosity.

This is what greets you as you walk from the kitchen into the dining room.

What is left do finish?

Look above the table. Yes, that hidieous light fixture is so outta there! It will be replaced with this beauty!

And, the rug, yes the one with the dog on it, needs to be much, much larger. Looking around for an Art Deco style 12'x16'. That would leave about 1.5' of hardwood showing on the sides and about 2' of hardwood at each end.

What did I learn from this room?

The first thing would have to be Use Benjamin Moore Paint! It took only 1 and 1/2 gallons to do these walls! The bedroom upstairs took 3 gallons of Valspar to cover fewer square feet.

And, when decorating, don't ask the Boyfriend what he likes. It ends up in a disagreement, no matter what.

There you have it! Another one down in the American Foursqaure!!!

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