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Monday, April 27, 2009

We Break From Our Original Programming For a Minute of Whining

I have a hard time picking up after myself.
This being said,
Why do the others in this house leave messes for me to pick up?
Is it because I don't "work"?
Is it because it is "my job"?
Is it because they feel they don't have to take care of things because they work outside the home?
What if I wanted to get a job?
Would I have that job and this "non-job"?
If the past is any sign, then yes!

Case in point;
Last night I went through the house and picked up all the little piles of recycling that get stashed in corners.
Beer bottles (I don't drink beer)
Pepsi cans, both diet and non diet (I don't drink soft drinks as a rule)
Junk Mail...we all receive it.
Tonic bottles (yes, those are mine)
Cans and whatnot from meals prepared (shouldn't this be a shared thing?)
All the recycling got carried out, the trash taken to the can and all was kind of good.
Fast forward to today...
I am cleaning the master bedroom.
Master is looking on.
He helps spread the top sheet.
He leaves the room.
I move the furniture.
I vacuum the room.
I clean up the accumulated stuff.
I get irritated.
Toss the winter bedding to the landing.
The Master moves it to the bottom of the stairs into the middle of the parlor.
I want to scream.
Boxes are again piled in the kitchen.
Cans next to the sink.
I carry them to the recycling.

I want a new job! Or at least better pay! I can't keep up with it all. Like I said, I can barely pick up after myself!

Really want to scream now.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Edited for another semi-rant:

Went to the basement and What!? Master is cutting boxes to bundle for pick-up.
Should I feel like a shiite heel?
Still valid rant.


Strange said...

Aw, that sucks. I'm sorry, I have to laugh a bit, just because I know exactly what you're talking about and because I know what's in store for Youngest Son and Master if they don't shape up. Lol. That being said, I'd so be all over that before you even noticed. Wish I could be there to help you out.

Carrie K said...

It's really annoying because it's so unending too. The same thins (sans the sheets unless you're really a glutton for punishment) can happen daily. Argh.

I love your garden! Can't wait to see how it grows - and what Granny You are going to knit for grandbaby! Congratulations.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

LOL! That sounds sooo familiar! Then of course when they actually do some little thing they expect to hear multiple thank yous in an endless variety of languages! LOL

CatR said...

It's the same even when you do go out for a paid job... I think that maybe they just see things differently, or have different tolerance levels.

Lorraine said...

Bev- You have echoed my sentiments exactly- I told everyone if they have no intention of cleaning up after themselves then they can't use the kitchen.

Molly Maid has left the building!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad... ok im over it now

Brigitte said...

NO! Don't feel like a shiite heel! You have every right to be annoyed. I would. I live alone, but I've been known to "de-clutter" and clean at the homes of those I visit...