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Friday, March 20, 2009

FO And A Touch of Spring

Finally! A finished project! And, the first Christmas gift of the year. It is the Triinu Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia. It is currently on the wires and pinned out. Loverly lace. And just heavy enough to make an excellent winter scarf for the recipient. Hope she like it. It was fun to knit and I thought of her the entire time it was in my hands.
Although the picture shows the back side of the scarf, the lace is still catching. The yarn, Brown Sheep's Wildfoote Sock Yarn was perfect for the project. Being machine washable makes it an easy care accessory. And, the colorway, Ragtime, is in her favorite color family. How many hints does it take to inform the giftee that it will be coming to her?

Over the past couple of weeks the snow has disappeared. Once the weather decided to turn warmer the poor snow didn't have a chance. It was gone within days. Shortly after the snow said goodbye, I began walking the yard, looking for signs of spring. First there was nothing. Then, slowly, and with steady progress, things began to come alive. Today on my morning walk about, I had my camera with. As I passed the old lilac bush in my back yard I spied a bud. Yes! A bud! A sign of life renewed. It is lovely in its promise of the new season. It tore me away from my morose in the loss of the snow. This little bud. A harbinger of things to come.
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