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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dining Room

This weekend is paint the dining room weekend. I hate deciding on paint colors because the Boyfriend and I can never agree. We always stand at the paint chip displays and argue until I am in tears and he is in a rage. Why is this? It should be easy...but nooooo.

Anyway, this weekend is the painting of the dining room. I want a simple, 1920s/30s look leaning toward French Country. Nothing formal. Nothing over done. He wants something leaning toward the Victorian era. Ornate. Formal. Frilly. How can this be?

The dining room furniture that we currently own is definitely French Country. I love it. I will win out on this talks! Who wants to go purchase a new table when the one we have is just fine.

Listen to me! I can start an argument without him. How silly.

At this point the dining room is bare walls. The old wallpaper has been stripped away. The cracks have been plastered. The floor is covered in red contractor paper to protect the newly finished hardwood. The pocket doors are pulled back into their pockets to protect them from paint spatter. It is a bare canvas, awaiting the artist's brush. I think I will let him decide on the paint colors. Then I can decide on the new lighting and artwork for the walls. Maybe I can get away with that.

I shall leave you with the above before pictures. After the work is complete, an after picture will adorn these pages.


Becca said...

I can't wait to see the after shots ... wouldn't mind a few "during" shots, as well!!!!

NeedleDancer said...

Me? I think the current wall paper is a bit french country. What happens if you just... well... put the furniture in and wait on the painting until you actually agree?
(I suppose I should tell you that we moved into our house 8 years ago, and so far the only painting I've done was the front door because it got so faded and yucked by the weather....)

Sigrun said...

Can't wait, either. I'm re-doing the house 1 room at a time. I know what I'd like, but it's kind of out there, and that means I might get tired of it sooner than if I stay conservative. So I decide 1 room at a time as I do it. I really love my dark-ish teal office with ivory trim. I'll never get tired of it. It's "my little room" pardon the borrowing. Happy Easter.

Brigitte said...

Heh, that is funny! How is it that he leans towards Victorian, and you're leaning towards something that isn't "over done"!?