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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fast or What!?!

On the 5th of April I placed an order with Nordic Mart for several balls of yarn.
Today, the 8th of April, it arrived!
I have never ordered from an online yarn store and had delivery in such a short period of time. To say I am amazed is an understatement.
Will I order from the again?
You Betcha!!!

Now, what did I order?
Little baby Topanga Canyon Sunrise, aka Daemon, needs a new suit for the winter.
You saw the Jelly Bean suit in the prior post, right?
That is what is on the needles now.
It isn't in baby colors though. It is in manly browns, rust, gold and green. He is going to be a boy's boy. Maybe.
The suit is going together in Muskat, an Egyptian cotton yarn that has a wonderful sheen and great handle.
The colors?
Light Brown
which is a richer color than shows in the picture.
more red than in the picture
Olive Green
more golden olive, very nice, than in the picture
again, richer than in the picture.
which, surprisingly, is very close to the picture.

Although these color choices do seem odd for a baby garment, they are coming together nicely. Very boyish. Not frilly or girlie or "ahh, look, it must be a baby!" colors. Just right. One that will say, "I'm a boy, dad gum it! Watch me grow!!!"

Yes, Nordic Mart is fast, the prices are reasonable, the yarn is nice, I will return. Next time for the CottonViscose.

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Sigrun said...

Hi, Bev. Nice to see you on my infant list of followers. The "Boy" suit sounds great!!