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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Finished Project!

Finally! A finished project. This is the Curlicue Coverlet, by Oat Couture. It was fun to knit, but easy to get lost in. Lots of counting. Lots. Four rows here, eight rows there...cast off 4 here, increase a stitch there. Short rows all over the place, adding new yarn! It was fun and not that bad. Wasn't truly happy with the yarn choice, but the mom to be demanded "No Wool!" So there ya have it. Bernat's Baby Softee. Next item is at least going to be in cotton.

Oh, and what is the next item? It is going to be in little boy colors! Yay! And another Oat Couture pattern. One that I fell in love with several years ago...

Meet the Jelly Bean Suit!

Coming to a set of needles near you! In Garn Studio Muskat yarns! Yarn is on the way. Needles are ready. Pattern in awaiting use. This is going to be a fun knit...
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