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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Think I Am Back

It has been a long time! A long time since I posted, a long time since I wrote anything, a long time since I have had a working computer to call my own. At least 3 months! My last little laptop died a slow and painful death from the N1H1 of computer viruses. It wouldn't even allow me to load a new operating system! It was laid to rest in a small, private ceremony shortly thereafter. I have been sneaking onto the Boyfriend's computer for short peaks and chats on Ravelry. No time for blogging. Not on "his" computer, thankyouverymuch! But now, I am back.
It has been a long time.


Restless Knitter said...

Hooray! Welcome Back!

Sigrun said...

Missed you. Ravelry's great, but not like blogging! I knew you'd soon be back when you left that lovely comment on my last post. ☺

CatR said...

Hello! Good to see you back! (Though I admit, I barely blog at all at the moment.)

Word verification brilliance: cursit

Becca said...

Well, I certainly missed you! I missed reading your blogs and really missed your comments on mine!! AND! I was really, really missing my friend!!
So! I am happy, to say the very least!

Carrie K said...

Welcome back!

Laurie said...

You had so much on your plate. Welcome back!