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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yin Yang

I have been going through a sewing thing of late. 

Since the move, yes it has been a while, my machine has been languishing in the un-opened sewing cabinet.  There isn’t enough room to sew in “My Little Room”.  If I were to drag out the ironing board, the cutting table, the dress form, the sewing machine and all the little items that go along with the craft, there would be no room for me! 

As a result of the limited space in my room, I began the whining thing.  Hey, you do what works, right?  I opened up the ironing board…”Gee, there is no room to open my sewing cabinet…” I whined pathetically.  I moved the ironing board into the dining room and opened up my sewing cabinet.  “I can’t get around to get my serger out,” I said woefully.  I spread my pattern and muslins out on the dining room table.  At dinner time, the boyfriend threw his hands up in surrender and helped me move it all down into the basement apartment.  Yay!  I now have a real live craft area that is the size of a small, well…apartment!  It has hot and cold running water, a private bath for those unfortunate blunders with beverages while sewing, it has space for my dressers full of fabric and yarn.  It is going to be wonderful as soon as I can get rid  of the mancave stuff that keeps wandering in.

050 The first project that came from my newly acquired sewing space was a Yin Yang bag, designed by ScrapBags.  The first bag was done in a Chinese brocade.  It was fun to sew.  I loved the contrast between the front of the fabric (Yin panel) and the back of the fabric (Yang panel).  However, after a long hiatus from sewing, the fabric was rather challenging.  It wanted to slip and slide and play around.  Not cooperative at all!  I was not extremely pleased with the completed project. 


The second bag was much more fun!  I used a cotton Chinese printed quilting fabric (yin panel) and a light weight plastic cloth (yang panel).  I also made a few minor changes to the finishing.  On this bag there is a pocket on the inside and one on the outside.  And the cute little red button and the join.  I also tacked the handle rather than try to sew it down completely. 

My sewing area is now set up and ready for my at the drop of a  pin.  I no longer have to whine and drop hints about the lack of space I am allowed.  At this point in time, there is a muslin ready for a tunic top of crushed burnout velvet.  Will get to it sometime this week. 

After all is said and done, I have to wonder.  What was it, my Yin or my Yang, that caused my inner 2 year old to come out long enough to get an apartment?


Becca said...

You said it! WHATEVER WORKS!!! I love the bags and so happy for you and your new playroom!! Lucky Duck!!

Sigrun said...

I envy you. My lovely sewing room has been invaded by stuff that had to be moved for the kitchen/dining room reno. My lovely spare bedroom has been invaded by the bathroom stuff. And I think these things are reproducing at an exponential rate. I will sew vicariously with you.

Jamie Kalvestran said...

Hey thanks for making and posting my Yin-Yang pattern! And thanks for the link too!

So happy you liked it! I love seeing what sewers do with my patterns.

Jamie Kalvestran - Kalvestran Inc. dba Scrap-bags!

Natalie said...

Wow, I wish I had a little apartment for my crafting needs. Good job! The purses are beautiful by the way!

Brigitte said...

Oooo, I love those bags! I didn't know you sewed as well!