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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doing It Alone...

In public no less! 
I have taken to gathering up my knitting of an afternoon and heading out to my favorite local cafe,  There I sit.  At the table, in the corner, knitting away.  It is a vigil that I keep every Wednesday afternoon.  Religiously.  Me, my corner by the window, my needles and coffee.  It is a lonely vigil.  A vigil not to be taken lightly.  A vigil of love and endurance.  Just how long can I sit there, knitting away, before someone joins me.  It is my quest.  This must be done for knitters everywhere.  Kind of like a movement.  So what if the movement has been going on in other places for much longer with varied rates of success.  It is time for this to happen in this small outpost.  The movement has been a great success just 15 miles up the road in Rome, NY.  There, a group meets weekly and often has no room left for others to join.  Every table is full.  Every chair occupied.  Can that happen here?  It must! And, until it does, I will continue to occupy my table in the corner by the window at the College Street Cafe and Artists Studio.

Join me?
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