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Saturday, November 21, 2009


If you are hooked on cables, like I am, you know how fast knitting seems to move along when that awaited cable row is being worked. You have done your knitting like the good little knitter you are and happily begin the row that you have anticipated.

You get this gleam in your eye. Your fingers flex in anticipation. Your heart races. Then, you reach behind your ear, over to the table, next to your chair and "!@#! Where did my cable needle go?"

What is it with those things? Do they grow legs and saunter away thinking, "just wait, she'll never find me now". Or, is it the DH or DS? Calmly picking up that little stick thingy and using it to clean their keyboard or pipe? It could be the cat, the famous Captain that decided the cat toys were too tame and the cable needle presented a challenge yet to be beaten. Whoever the culprit, the cable needle is always gone.

I gave up trying to find the bag with the cable needles in it months ago and resorted to using a dpn. But then...the dpn went missing. Probably out having a great laugh at my expense with the bail jumping cable needle!

That was it. There was no more procrastinating. Throwing my wip down in disgust I relented and paid a visit to a couple of well known bloggers

I chuckled as I envisioned the Yarn Harlot on the train frantically trying to figure out how to retrieve her dpn. And, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to spare myself that embarrassment. With knitting in hand, I followed the tutorial provided by Grumperina and took the plunge.

With their help I was able to tell the cat, the DS, the DH, and yes, the cable needle itself, that I was FREE! Free of the dependency of a shorter, wannabe needle. Free of the need to keep track of more than my regular 5 dpns. Freedom!

It was easy! Imagine it would be easier if the yarn wasn't black! But still!


Sigrun said...

If I'd have only known. I never use a cable needle, haven't for years--could have helped out--if I'd have only known.

Brigitte said...

Oh, I've been there. Now I hardly bother with the cable needle (or, DPN as is usually the case), unless it's a super twisty weird crossing one.

Black yarn, huh? So, whatcha making?!!

Carrie K said...

Kudos! I wish I could get the hang of the cable needle-less but alas.