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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Longest Week

It has been a long week.  A really long week.  It began almost 2 weeks ago!  But, it errupted the evening of Thanksgiving. 

Without going into the gory details, let me just say, I will be happy to have another of my children living close.  It boils down to my oldest son missing his family so  much that he is moving home until he can get himself situated out here.  I am happy.  I am relieved.  I am exhausted.  His sister, Hija Segundo has decided to stay out west.  I miss him and his sister so much that it is a physical thing.

When my children were just that, my children, I would sometimes look at them and think, "One day I won't have you all around, then I can relax."  But now, with Hijo Segundo looking forward to a college that will take him away from home, I think, "My life will be so empty when you are gone."  But he wants to stay close.  Maybe it is because of where we live.  I know that is part of the reason his brother is coming home.

Now it is time to prepare a room for an extended stay.  Stock up on foods.  Prepare for the upcoming holiday and most of my family under my roof.  We will miss you Hija Segundo.


Sigrun said...

My fledglings are all within 50 miles from us, but sometimes that's too far. My baby is marrying a young man from Fiji. And I am happy about that, but i grieve for his mother.

Becca said...

Yay! Such good news!! I am so happy for you!!!

Laurie said...

Such a dilemma. Send them out to fly on their own, then miss them so much. Coming back of their own accord is sweet.

Brigitte said...

Yay! Except not yay about Hija Segundo staying out west. :(