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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Don't Know What To Call This Game

Okay, it goes something like this...

HP (Hijo Primero) - I need a new tooth brush.
Me - I just gave you one.
HP - But it isn't soft enough.
Me - So now I am a hard person.
HP - Why do you not like light fixtures.
Me - and you don't like my lamp either.
BF (boyfriend) - puzzled look on his face as he comes up the stairs.
Me - Hon, your son doesn't like the lamp in his bedroom.
BF - I picked out that lamp.
HP - All I want is a new toothbrush.

Later in the day.

Me - coughing because of this stupid cold I have had since before Christmas.
BF - Your Mom is dyin'.
Me - (to HP)  Yer dad dosn't want me to live here anymore.

Again, later in the day.

Me to HP - What are ya drinking?
HP - (Rishi) *Irish Macha.
Me - That stuff tastes like poo.
HP - It tastes far different from poo, I'll have you know.
Me - Yer right.  It tastes like horse doopy.
HP - Why do hate beverages?
Me - I don't hate beverages, it isjust that green isn't my favorite color.
HP - So you hate the planet too?
Me - (to BF)  Hon, yer son is being mean to me.
BF - Stop bein mean to yer mom.
HP - I am not being mean to mom.  She hates the planet and beverages.
Me - And you hate your father!

This is basically how my day has gone.  And I still don't know what to call this game.  It all ends when you don't know what to respond.

Oh, and here is my shopping list, amended by HP.

Cream Cheese
Whole Chickens
Corn meal
chicken feathers for voodoo.

Maybe it should be called "Its not what you said, it is how you said it".  Or, "This is what you said, but here is what you meant."

I guess you have to be here to really get it.  Have a happy New Year!

*Irish Macha tea is a vibrant green color, almost too green!


Laurie said...

I am either clueless or old or both because none of that made any sense to me.

Strange said...

Ha ha! I love that game. I usually lose when playing with HP, but my sick love of pain keeps me playing again and again. One day I shall kick his butt. And so sayeth the prophecy.