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Monday, December 14, 2009

Garden Variety Fun

I have often admired the beaded confections that some knitters are producing.  Many a time I have looked at these wonders and thought to myself, "B, you need to learn to do this."  And then promptly forgot my self-talk and moved on to the known and comfortable cables and lace.

Well, I am truly excited to say that I finally listened to myself and purchased the entire, yes the entire "Garden Variety" collection from Susan.  Not just 2009, but 2008 as well.  Now my problem is figuring out which one to make first!

My decision must come soon as I have beads and plenty of yarn beckoning.  I am really leaning toward Crocus Pocus  It would make a great hip scarf for my belly dancing daughter.

If you pass by and check out the link, give me your thoughts.


LenaL said...

How exciting! I really looks forward to follow your adventures with the beads. I think Crocus Pocus looks lovely, but at the other hand, which doesn't?

Take good care of yourself!

Brigitte said...

OK. Wow. Whichever one you choose, it'll be pretty amazing. I always approach lace knitting with a bit of trepidation, and lace knitting with beads?! Wow.

Susan Pandorf said...

Hope you enjoy whichever knit you begin first. they are all a lot of fun!

Blessings of the season!

Clare said...

Hi, Bev! The shawl is lovely. I've shied away from knitting with beads because of the thought of stringing beads on the yarn. I think I read somewhere how you do it with a crochet hook but I don't imagine it any less tedious. Let me know! Tell me this isn't intended as a Christmas gift.

Happy holidays!

Becca said...

My belly dances every time I run down the stairs .... do you think I need a new outfit?!?!!