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Friday, December 25, 2009

Life Is Like A Valley Full Of Fog

With each and every one of us going into it blindly, not knowing what we will find or where we will go.  But we venture forth and, quite by surprise, find many amazing things.
If we are lucky, we find love, we find good friends, we find a mate with whom to start a family and share life’s moments. 
Enjoy your valley, with all its twists and turns, gifts and surprises, for it is yours and yours alone.


Lupie said...

The best part of my valley is seeing my daughters well educated, with their mates, in the beautiful homes.
I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Becca said...


Strange said...

Omg! I have missed your blogs soooooo much! I'm so glad you're posting again! My already wonderful day just got a dose of perfection spread liberally over the top. Thanks, AM! I'm glad the kids are close to mom again. I had no idea that Eldest Son had moved back, but I'm glad he did. He talked about it a lot. Happy Muggle New Year! I miss you all.

Brigitte said...

What a great picture, thanks Bev! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!