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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Like Riding a Bike

Picked up the skis yesterday. As soon as we got home, I went out the back door, put them on and realized - skiing isn't like riding a bike. You do forget the body position and the finer points of staying upright.
This is driving me nuts! I mean, I can still ride a bike after years of not being on one. Cryminee! I can still ride a unicycle for Pete's sake. Yes, really, a unicycle.
But ski? Huh! I am still creeping around the back yard trying to regain the confidence to move! Snow shoes would get me from point A to point B faster.
Right now, I am working in the back yard trying to recapture the knowledge of the skating technique that propels the skier across flat open spaces and groomed flat trails. The new skis and boots intended to make the movement easier on the skier is driving me nuts. The last time I owned skis, your boots were more or less riveted to the ski. These bindings allow for a more natural walking movement. It will take some getting used to. So for now, I am sticking close to home, away from traffic and remembering that yes, one day long ago, I did take my first step.


Gina said...

Will photographic evidence of said "baby steps" be forthcoming? Heehee...

Laurie said...

Are you trying to skate on ungroomed??

And different snow/grooming requires different skis. Even in XC!

Becca said...

I'm with Gina! I want some pix!!!

NeedleDancer said...

Sounds like you got something like the telemarking skis they use on the slopes. They looked very suspicious to me!
But I agree with Gina and Becca... PIX baby, PIX!