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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventure Interrupted

Well, my little ski adventure for the day was short-lived.
It began just fine. The snow was fresh, the air crisp, the sun bright. Boots placed securely in bindings, I struck out across the green to the church yard and the trails beyond.
Got to the other side of the church and prepared for my first run down the hill.
I began to execute my first telemark, when, much to my surprise, I caught my tip in some deep powder and took a spill.
That part wasn't so bad, it was kind of a swan dive type of maneuver. Arms outspread, amazed expression on my face, forward momentum carrying me face first into the snow.
Very graceful.
Very avant garde!
Very deja' vu of the stairway luge incident.
I would have given myself about a 9.5 for technique and a 10 for execution.
But, somewhere between take off and landing, my binding broke!
Had to walk home.
That part sucked!
Here I am, covered in snow from head to toe, poles in one hand, skis in the other, walking down the side of the road because the snow is too deep to skulk and sneak around the back of the church, away from passers by!
How can one maintain an air of artistic athleticism when the evidence of a dive is covering their person? A snow covered Dale sweater isn't good for the image!
Oh well. Even the professionals take a spill now and again. And, maybe it was the broken binding that caused the spill and not the other way around! Sure...
Gotta go get the bindings fixed and that can't be done til tonight.
Until then, I will contemplate my technique and visualize perfection.


Becca said...

Remember that old Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat clip on the Wide World of Sports?!?! Ha ha ha!!! I am positive the binding did it!!

Carrie K said...

Visualizing perfection sounds like a plan!

Restless Knitter said...

So are you still wishing you had a friend with a video camera there? :)