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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It!

The Devil made me do it! I swear!!! It isn't my fault. Really. It was out of my control. Couldn't help it. Didn't try. It happened and I just went with it. I was bored with my current focus for WIPs, my Amhra'n Gra' sweater. I needed something different to rejuvenate my knitting senses. Really wanted something I could knit while vegging. Okay, do I really need to give more excuses. Alright, alright, one more. My hand were cold. So I cast on for these! Am making them out of some yarn I purchased 2 years ago at the Taos Wool Festival. Finally found a use for it. Love the mittens, love the yarn, the pattern is great too. It can be found at Magic Mirror Mittens.
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