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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Melon Collie

I don't like to post when I am feeling melancholy.  My biggest fear is that I will come off maudlin and really embarrass myself.   That wouldn't be good at all!  If someone in the local area read it, would they look at me and point and say "Oh, look, that is the woman that writes the melodramas!"  Or, "Poor thing, she hasn't had a happy day in her life."  Or, worse yet, "Quick, run, she might tell us how her day is going!"  All of those things would put me into such a downward spiral that I might never recover.

So, melancholy means silence on the old blog.  But, sometimes it isn't melancholy.  It is simply the lack of inspiration; the inability of my old brain to transfer the thoughts in my head into something worth reading.

The past couple of weeks haven't been without blog fodder though.  Took my dad to Antietam and Gettysburg.  Both were awe inspiring and heartbreaking.  Found a couple of lost relatives as well.  One in the Antietam National Cemetery...

And the other was listed on the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg.

My dad thought is was fun when I asked him to hold his license beneath name on the memorial.

We stopped at so many places and saw so many things.  By the 5th day, we were both ready to head home.

And, because this is a blog about my life and the things I love, I just have to share the picture above!  It is my most recent shipment of Frajous Fiber's recycled sari silk and banana silk yarns.  Both are so soft and have a wonderful drape.  See a color you like?  Drop me a line.  We can talk.

And, yes, I may be a little melancholy, or melon collie as my friend Becca would laugh, but, it will be over soon.  I have my friends.  I have my family.  I have my wonderful life.  What's to be melon collie about?


Siobhan said...

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bev said...

Hi Siobhan; I couldn't get an email for you either. So, if you want to send another comment to the blog, with you email address or web address I will check it out. A link would be possible.