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Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Yarn!

I love walking through the door of the shop every morning and seeing the beautiful colors, textures and fibers of the many and varied yarns.  It gives me a feeling of contentment for some reason.  A feeling that all is right with the world as long as there are yarns to knit, colors to absorb and soft fibers to touch. 

The only problem is that I see the same things every day!  

Having a shop and running it by yourself is like having one big fiber stash.  You feel the need to add to it.  It must be dynamic.  It must change and flow with the times.  It can't be allowed to stagnate.  The only remedy is to buy more yarn!  And not just a skein or two.  It must be in quantities to fill the shelves, giving them new life.

In that respect, I have been doing my job, albeit slowly.

Often I think that my offerings are slim and limited.  But, last week, as I was doing inventory, I realized that for being in business only 2 years, and with very limited capital, this little shop looks good.  It doesn't have what the big stores have, and never will.  What it does have is a sense of serenity and calm that only a small, intimate space can have.  It has a good selection of quality, affordable yarns.  There are buttons, notions, fiber, and more.  All you have to do is look.  It is there.

Last month I brought in three new yarn lines:

 Dyelot Yarns out of Santa Fe, New Mexico,

Recovery Package
This is the Recovery Package.  Includes 4 hanks of yarn!  Generous hank of over 1200 yards.

Also new is Done Roving from Maine.
Stepping Out by Done Roving
This is Stepping Out, a wool crepe/nylon yarn.  Beautiful colors!

And, last but definitely not least,  Galler Yarns from New York.
Galler Yarns Prime Alpaca
This bin contains Heather Alpaca Prime and is significantly less full as of closing on the 30th of August.
The generous hanks contain over 600 yards of the softest alpaca imaginable!

Each of these companies is family owned, and wonderful to work with.  I love the fact that when I call to order I am talking to the person that actually envisions the finished yarn, the mind that combines the colors, the hands that touch the fibers.

Now I have something new to look at every morning.  Something new to share and to dream about knitting into something wonderful for someone, somewhere, someday.

Until I get my hands on them, all of these yarns can be ordered if you wish.  Just send me a message and get your hands on a hank or two!

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Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

It's all beautiful, and I can almost feel the texture as I imagine it running through my fingers. Oh My! Guess I'll just have to make do with some cotton for now, as I go knit up a dishcloth to replace the one with the ever enlarging hole currently hanging in my kitchen..