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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming In The Frog Pond

I love Colinette kits. The finished product is pleasing to look at. The knitting in simple and fun. The textural contrasts are interesting. This is my second one. I was excited to start.
How difficult can a Colinette throw be? I mean, k3, yo, sssk, and so on and so on. Easy peasy. I worked diligently for a week and became bored with the incessant pattern. This morning I awoke and realized the recipient's birthday is only 3 weeks away!
Quickly I pulled the bag that contained this beauty out of the hibernation cave and reattached the needles called for in the pattern. I did this only to realize that in my haste to begin, I used the wrong sized needle to start with! The pattern calls for an 8mm not a size 8! To my despair, if I continued with a size 8, the fabric would be more dense and therefore the yarn would not make the size required or desired.
Into the frog pond we went. Let me tell you. Frogging a Colinette is not as enjoyable as knitting a Colinette. The mohair does what mohair does and you have to coax it out of the stitch. The ribbon twists and turns and doesn't want to behave on the ball.
Maybe next time I should be a bit more careful in my reading of instructions. I don't like swimming in the frog pond with Colinette!


Anne said...

I just added you to my bloglines for some reason Ravelry doesn't show your blog in my "friends blogs" tab.....nor does it show Lorraine's blog....hmmmm.

Thanks for visiting Shades of Shetland....I'm full of ideas LOL!!! we'll see how many are actually hatched!

Sigrun said...

Sometimes a drought is better than a frog pond :D Your frog it , you'll re-knit it, all in good time. I have faith in you.

Fran said...

The pattern looks beautiful. Good luck!

Lupie said...

I find when one leaves the frog pond you find the pond of peace and beauty!

LenaL said...

Oh dear, I'm suffering with your! But soon enought it's forgotten and you have a beauty to hand over!

Carrie K said...

Bad needles! Fooling you like that.

Mohair is a scourge to frog. I feel you pain.