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Friday, June 19, 2009

Abercrombie and Yesterday's Bouquet

Yesterday's Bouquet
Originally uploaded by emmasdaughter
Last night I moved my bouquet of Peonies and Mock Orange out to the porch. The Mock Orange was beginning to shed its blossoms and getting all over the kitchen table. By moving it outside I hoped to get another day or two of enjoyment.
This morning, as I carried my morning mocha out to the porch to sit and enjoy the morning, I saw Abercrombie looking around for a bite to eat. Poor little Abercrombie. So tiny. So hungry.
I turned silently and went back into the house. Grabbing a small handful of granola and my camera, I proceeded back out the door. Placing the granola next to the vase of flowers, I sat and waited for Ab's return.
I didn't have to wait long. Abercrombie is a very brave little squirrel. He even sat patiently while I snapped his picture over and over again. If you want to see more of this little guy, Click on his pic. That will take you to my Flikr photostream and you can see him in all his adorable cuteness.


Carrie K said...

Why are your squirrels adorable and mine are crazy? One tried to dig up and drag off a tarp. Over the fence.

Sigrun said...

I think they are adorable even if they can be pesky. We have a black squirrel--not tame. He/she teases the dickens out of the dogs.

CatR said...

He's gorgeous! What a lovely visitor.

Strange said...

My own wildlife experience ran on the borders of psychotic. Stupid birds hate orange. I was dive bombed and pecked at mercilessly while simply walking out to the car and back into the store. Little bastard birdie.

Becca said...

That is a great picture and a cute story. I like Strange's story, too, although I can relate to the frightening situation!!! We used to have a black squirrel who would hang upside down from a branch outside the window. He was kinda creepy ... like a weird bat. But your squirrel is adorable!!