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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clearing Out the Yarn Jungle

This announcement may be a bit premature, but after wandering around in a knitting funk for months now, I must admit this. I haven't been able to finish a thing since Christmas. Not a thing, except for a pair of socks and a lace scarf. Started plenty. Finished nothing. And why? Because I hate my stash and my stash hates me!
With that being said I have decided to sell it all. All except for some very special gifted yarn and a few of the purchases I made with a specific project in mind. When I return from my caretaker trip to California I will be putting the entire Yarn Jungle up for sale. First in Ravelry and on my blog, then, a week or two later, in Ebay.
Before I moved I sold over half of it and still there is a small yarn store upstairs. Made a promise to myself that I would not purchase more yarn until the stash was down to a reasonable mountain. So what happens? I don't knit! This has to stop.
The stash has to go. The stash is holding me down. The stash is an albatross around my neck...a ball and chain to my needles...a cork in my bottle of creativity! I hate my stash and my stash hates me!
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