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Monday, June 11, 2012

I Still Knit

Posting hasn't been something I do much any more, but knitting...yes, knitting still happens.
Currently I am working on several things.

My favorite has been BekahKnits Baby Newsie. My grandson is going to get one, maybe two or three.  The pattern is such fun!  There are a several things I would caution any prospective knitters of said pattern though.

First, CHECK GAUGE!  I started using the recommended US Size 6 needle with Universal's Classic Worsted Tweed as my yarn.  The thing was huge!  I got 4.5 stitches to an inch.  So I frogged and got it down to 5.5 stitches to an inch on US Size 3 needles.

Second, Rebekah recommends using magic loop for the knitting of this hat.  At first I was wondering why, when there are so many stitches.  I mean, come on!  It is only a hat, why be so fussy?  I started knitting with a 16" circular and was moving right along.  Then I got to the top of the hat and discovered why.  As you close the top of the hat, you are going back and forth, decreasing as you go.  It gets tighter and tighter.  The 16" needle quickly got abandoned for a longer cable and magic loop.  Save yourself the time and start with a longer cable.  I went to a 47" cable when I switched out.  Made all the difference in the world.

Third:  Just follow the directions.  Don't try to second guess.  If it tells you to knit to the marker, then knit to the marker.  My problem was that the markers weren't named.  Yes, I name my markers.  Usually just an initial - like A, B, C, etc.  I copied my pattern, mainly because I never write on my patterns, and did just that.  Then, I went through the entire pattern and put each markers initial next to it.  Made going so much easier.

I am now at the point of adding the elastic to the edge and then on to the brim.

Another project that is on the needles is a  Ten Stitch Twist afghan by Frankie Brown.  This is a free pattern on Ravelry!  I am using Universal's Classic Shades, a machine washable "handpaint" type yarn with a long color repeat.  The afghan in the link used the same yarn.  It is beautiful and so reasonably priced!  The pattern is my go to when I need a few hour of mindless, brainless knitting to distract me from...well, we won't go there.

Then, there is a simple, heart shaped shawl that I am working on for a woman that comes to my shop.  She wanted a simple shawl to present to her future daughter in law on her wedding day.  It is being knit with Cascade's Ultra Pima in an apricot color.  Really nice yarn for a heavier weight shawl.  It shines and drapes beautifully.  Will be a lovely shawl when done.  All I need to do is figure out how to do a lace, heart shaped motif at the bottom point.  Can't be that difficult, can it?

That is what is going on with my needles this week/month/summer.  And, right now, I want to get to it.

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Carrie#K said...

Check your gauge, follow directions - I recognize those words but what do they mean?? lol