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Friday, October 1, 2010

Patterns Anyone?

I have just uploaded two Emma’s Daughter original designs onto Ravelry. 
Amhra'n Pic The first one is a sweater that I designed a few years ago for Knit Picks.  It has been languishing within a pile of patterns that I have sold in the past.  Now, resurrected, it is again available either on Ravelry or by going to my Sweater Patterns page, above.
003 - Copy The second is a new pair of socks made with a sport weight sock yarn.  These are quick and easy to knit.  Slipped stitches add an extra layer of warmth, making them an excellent winter sock!  The pair pictured were made using Zwerger Garn’s Opal 6ply.


Gone to Find Myself said...

That sweater is absolutely beautiful. You'll have to make a living at it. I'm sure others would love to knit that. I know that I certainly would as I knit a lot of sweaters and socks. Thanks for the beautiful photo

Carrie#K said...

Nice sweater, Bev!