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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cascade Cash Vero

I am currently knitting samples for the new store.

Sample garments sell patterns - of which I don't carry many because of Ravelry being so rich with free ones.  I am knitting up a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts for a future class.  And let me tell you, they are so soft that they may not make it to the sample display!

But, sample garments also sell yarn.  And the yarn I am using now is like knitting with butter!  It is Cascade's Cash Vero DK.  I have to say it is similar to Debbie Bliss CashMerino in that it has just a small amount of Cashmere.  But oh does that Cashmere pack a punch!

Cascade's blend is 55% Extra Fine Merino, which gives the yarn a wonderful elasticity and makes it behave as a good wool should.  Then they added 33% microfiber acrylic to the blend which gives the yarn a nice handle and added sturdiness.  Add 12% cashmere to the mix and you have knitting heaven!

I don't know how it washes up yet.  But I can tell you it is truly a dream to knit with. The mitts slide on and off so easily.  They are so warm and so soft that I want a pair in every color!  And there are many to choose from.  Currently I have given this yarn top place in my baby yarns.  I carry the soft baby colors of pink, blue, mint green and white, along with black, wine and gray.  As the cash flow pick up I hope to bring in more colors.

If you have never tried a cashmere blend yarn before I would highly recommend this as a starting point in your fiber exploration.  It is easy to knit with, relatively affordable at under $9 a ball, and so soft that you will want to spoil yourself and knit up something to keep!  Head to your LYS as soon as you can and give it a touch and a fondle.  If you don't have it locally, give me a holler - here, on Ravelry, or Facebook and we can get you taken care of.  You have to try this yarn!!!!

I give it a Blue Yarn Ball!

+It is soft to the touch
+It is easy to knit with and doesn't have a tendency to split
+It show great stitch definition
+Is relatively affordable
-Only has 125 yards per ball.  


Marji said...

Hi Bev, first I want to wish you worlds of luck w the new store.
I'm interested to find out how the cash Veronica washes and wears in the DJ weight. I used one ball of the Arab weight in my red/white/blue Verena pullover because I didn't have a white Aurora 8 and couldn't find any. In all honesty, I found the Arab weight splitty and 'dry' feeling, especially when compared to the Karabella. I love the color range and content of the cash-vero and would be happy to hear that the DJ performs well.
Marji, currently at harbor in NYC

Anne said...

I love your plus and minus gradings -- excellent reference.

Congratulations on the new yarn store -- wish I was closer! (Well, I guess I've gone farther for wool LOL! - so maybe one day......)

Carrie#K said...

Well, cashmere. Yummy.