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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Day Has Begun

This morning started like every other morning. Alarm went off, I hit snooze - lather, rinse, repeat. Finally, after playing the snooze button dance for about 20 minutes, I rolled out of bed.

Slippers on my feet, eyes open just enough to see, I staggered down the stairs.

The dogs greeted me excitedly; not so much in delight, but with the urgent need to get out the back door to take care of doggie business. Out the door we went, into the frigid cold (-9 degrees Fahrenheit!) that has been sitting over us for the past couple of days. Thank goodness they were quick!

The cold was the shock it took to truly awaken my system - sense of humor first. All of the sudden, everything was funny! My coffee grinder didn't want to grind my coffee. I laughed and called it names. I sang to my darling "Miss Sylvia" as she dispensed my morning espresso. The banter between my son and I was in my favor, so quick was my wit this morning. The dogs each got a song, freshly composed, about their life abilities and prowess at nothing.

And then, the birds at the feeding station began to sing. All winter long they have silently partaken of the bounty provided. This silence broken only with the occasional scolding from a little chickadee. But this morning, the cardinals were chatty, the chickadee couldn't silence their conversation. The male goldfinch, just coming into color, was obviously practicing for some opera and the scolding chickadee couldn't silence his aria. And my favorite, the diminutive little titmouse (visions of tiny mouse breasts run through my head) with his large voice, calling out to the sun as it rises and spreads its little bit of winter warmth across the yard. They must be feeling spring in this cold that blankets us. Their joy must be a sign of spring just around the corner.

It is now silent. Hijo Segundo is gone for his day of learning and friends, the Boyfriend is working to provide me with money to spend, and I am sitting here at my computer surrounded by dogs and one lone little cat, sharing my thoughts, as silly as they are, with the cyber world. My day has begun.


Gina said...

See, cold does the opposite to me... I get crankier and just wanna curl up in bed with a hot dring, a thick blanket and an even thicker book.

Cheryl said...

How lovely a day full of song!