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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Kohl’s Boycott

Before I start my story let me say that my family is military; I am retired Air Force, the DH is a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force, my son is an A1C in the Air Force. My son-in-law is also military as was my father during the Korean war and my Grandfathers during WWII.

With this in mind, read about why I am no longer shopping at Kohl's. The family boycott is on!

Today I was walking through our local Kohl's to pick up my daughter. In front of me was a young man wearing his dress blue uniform. He looked proud. After he had walked by, one of the employees said to another - “He is in the Air Force. That is the sissy's way out.”

I took a few more steps and froze. I wasn't angry so much as truly annoyed. Who was this kid? What was he saying? Did he even know what he was talking about? I turned and looked. With my military instructor background I sized him up and he wasn't going to fit! I walked over to him and this is what followed.

Me: Excuse me. Did I just hear you say that the Air Force was the sissy's way out?

Him: I was just joking.

Me: Oh. I didn't find it funny. I am retired Air Force and I found it rather offensive. I also found nothing “sissy” about the Air Force.

Him: I was joking...

His manager walked over into the fray to save his hide.

Her: I didn't think we were talking about anyone in particular. And, I don't believe it was meant for your ears.

OMG! What was she thinking?! Of course it wasn't meant for my ears, but it landed in them nonetheless!

Me: I am sure it wasn't meant for my ears. But that doesn't mean I didn't hear it. I managed in retail for years and know that some things are best not said on the sales floor. Maybe you should discuss that with the young man. I won't be back.

Her: I am so sorry mam...

She was talking to my back.

So, I am boycotting our local Kohl's. I am writing to their corporate headquarters and the district manager. If an employee will say that and be allowed to get away with it I will never set foot in that store again! Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but I am proud of my husband, I am proud of my son, I am proud of my family history of service. I am proud of any person that puts on a uniform and stands up for this country.


DrChopSuey said...

How utterly disrespectful and horrible!

I thank you and your family for your dedication and service. As an "Army Brat" I actually feel what you are describing here and I am totally disgusted by their actions AND reactions to your follow-up. I hate it when people say stupid things without thinking, especially when it comes to military service.

I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Hugs, and let me know if you need me to go and open a can of Whoop-Ass on them!

pendie said...

I totally agree with your reaction. That is such a thoughtless and heartless comment of the person to say, I'm glad you didn't let it go. Any person that elects to go into the military, whatever branch, deserves the highest level of respect and honor. The worker obviously has missed some key lessons growing up.

Sigrun said...

I agree with you. Maybe a week in boot camp--only boot camp, not even in action--would teach the thoughtless youn man how "sissy" it is. I believe in boycotting on principle. I boycott all self-serve checkouts, because I believe they take jobs from real people. Every time I do it I make sure staff members and other customers know what I'm doing.I've even insisted that a cashier be opened for me on one occasion. I'm very polite about it, but determined, and have always gotten my way.

Brigitte said...

Good for you! If there were Kohl's in Canada, I'd do the same thing in solidarity with you.

My brother is career Navy, and I would take personally any rude comment about our military as well.

Lorraine said...

Bev- I don't think you are making a mountain out of a molehill- it was a stupid and thoughtless thing to say.

No-one is accountable for their behavior, are they?

Laurie said...

This may be THE only way to get folks accountable. So I'm for whatever works. Do write to the corporate HQ.

Becca said...

I am curious if you ever heard back from Kohl's. That is the true test! Every company, at some point, hires an idiot or two. It's an unfortunate part of "human" resources. However, if Kohl's swept your extremely valid complaint and concern under the rug - then I too will boycott the company!!! Unfortunate incidents happen in life, but how they are handled is the deal-breaker!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you have been satisified if the manager asked the boy to apoligize? I am not sticking up for Kohl's, I used to work in the corporate office and I saw plenty of arragonance there, but you can hardly blame corporate for one clerk's careless words. I would be inclinded to join a boycott because of the way they treat their Asian vendors or the store sales staff. IMO the manager dropped the ball in your situation and needed to let her employee know that disrespectful talk is not acceptable or tolerated in her store, even as a joke. You are entitled to an apology and I sure hope you get one.

Amy Mauzey said...

Kohl's is saying I didn't pay the last 50.00 on my account balance. No matter how many times I fax the proof from my bank that I did, in fact pay it off, they always say they did not get the fax, and still demand a payment. They even applied the payment to my brother's account in error, and deny they did that...even after my brother's account spontaneously went from zero balance to credited with the exact amount I paid on my account. If they did this exact thing to 500,000 people, they could make $25,000,000.00. And most people would probably pay that amount off instead of fighting with them like I have been for the past month, and getting harassed with phone calls. These deceitful accounting practices are a scourge on the American people. It has come to replace real customer service relationships and ethical business practice. And, lest we forget, they enslave Chinese children in factories to make their cheap, flimsy, overpriced products...along with wallmart and Macy's. DO NOT SHOP KOHL'S AMERICA! THEY EPITOMIZE BAD BUSINESS AND THEY ARE UNAMERICAN!